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ETC Director
Marketing and Business Development Office
Special Programs Division
Analysis and Air Quality Division
Emissions Research and Measurement Division
Microwave-Assisted Processes Division Emergencies Engineering Technologies Division* Emergencies Science and Technology Division

Marketing and Business Development

Biological Methods

Analysis and Air Quality

Emissions Research and Measurement

Emergencies Science and Technology

Emergencies Engineering Tech*

Microwave-Assisted Processes

A/Director,Richard Turle
Tel.: (613) 991-9550
Fax: (613) 998-1365
Internet: [email protected]

Marketing and Business Development Office
Bob Bullen, Manager  

Technology Transfer/Commercialization
Business Opportunities

Biological Methods
Rick Scroggins, Chief  

Forecasting of the need for new environmental toxicology testing methods
Development and validation of standardized biological test methods and supporting guidance required by departmental programs

Analysis and Air Quality
Richard Turle, Chief  

National Air Pollution Surveillance Network
New Analytical  Methods
Quality Assurance
Air Toxics

Emissions Research and Measurement
Fred Hendren, Chief  

New Vehicle Compliance Testing
Alternative Fuel & Emissions Control/Prevention Technologies
Stack Testing

Emergencies Science and Technology
Dr. Merv Fingas, Chief  

Spill Behaviour, Fate & Effects
Hazard-level Monitoring
Remote Sensing R&D & Services

Emergencies Engineering Technologies*
Dr. Carl E. Brown, Manager  

Oil-spill Clean-up R&D
Prototype Mobile Clean-up Equipment
Technology Transfer and Evaluation

Microwave- Assisted Processes
Dr. Jocelyn Par�, Chief  

Joint Projects
Licenses for Commercial Applications of the MAP Technologies

* Management of Work Conducted Under Contract by SAIC (Canada)

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