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The Environmental Technology Centre (ETC) of Environment Canada is directly involved in the response to pollution emergencies such as oil and chemical spills, the cleanup of hazardous waste and the provision of technical research and development to support these and other activities. The Centre has facilities and expertise for the measurement, analysis and clean-up of pollutants. Following are some of the ways ETC is involved in keeping our water clean...

decontamination On-Site Decontamination Technologies
Cost-shared R&D; and demonstrations
National/International technology transfer with Canadian companies
Bench and mobile field-scale prototype equipment for water and soil treatment

Spill Countermeasures
In Situ Spill Countermeasures:
Development of treatment guidelines
Treating agent performance and effects
Development of testing protocols and performance standards
Effectiveness and toxicity testing
Burning techniques

Spill R&D Spill Research and Development:
The Western Office of ESD is responsible for a national program of research, development, and technology transfer on the behaviour and cleanup of oil on shorelines, the evaluation of oilspill countermeasures, bioremediation, and the environmental fate, effects and toxicity of spilled substances.

DC-3 LEAF System
Turning over a new 'LEAF'
The Laser Environmental Airborne Fluorosensor (LEAF) system has the ability to detect various sources of oil in water, and our DC-3 has been used for remote sensing flights to test the new detection technology on natural oil seeps over Santa Barbara, California.

MAP Slides MAP™ slides
Analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in Water: Gas-Phase Extraction using the Microwave-Assisted Process (MAP™) for the analysis of VOCs in water.

Spills Databases Spills Technology Databases
Search the ESD Spills Technology databases for information about companies, oil properties, chemicals and instruments related to oilspills. Also search the worldwide tanker spills database where accidental spills of over 1000 barrels of petroleum products were released.

east coast phytoplankton

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