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The Environmental Technology Centre (ETC) of Environment Canada deals primarily with the measurement of air pollutants in ambient air, air pollutants emitted from mobile and stationary sources, the analysis of a wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds, and the provision of technical research and development to support these and other activities. Following are some of the ways ETC is involved in keeping our air clean...

NAPS Network Naps Network keeps an eye on the sky...
The National Air Pollution Surveillance (NAPS) Network; working with the provinces and regional authorities over 30 years to measure air quality across Canada. (Analysis and Air Quality division)

Air Quality Trends Air Quality Trends in Canadian Cities
In 1969, the federal government introduced the Clean Air Act to address the problem of air pollution. And in fact, 1994 marked the 25th anniversary of a federal-provincial program that measures air pollution in Canada, the National Air Pollution Surveillance (NAPS) Network. The network provides important information on common pollutants to which Canadians may be exposed in the air they breathe.

Smog Episodes Regional Smog Episode Animations
Animations of regional scale episodes of ground level ozone where concentrations exceeded the Canadian acceptable air quality objective level of 82 ppb over very large regions of Canada and the United States.

ERMD Emissions Research and Measurement division
ERMD has had a lead role in measuring and analyzing air quality and exhaust emissions for over two decades. The team of engineers, chemists and technologists, based at the department's centre of technical expertise for air quality issues, conducts laboratory and field studies of air pollution originating from mobile and stationary sources. A key focus of the group is to support the research and development of new technologies which help reduce pollution. ERMD is involved with emissions from vehicles, aircraft and marine vessels.

auto-rickshaw Little vehicles, big problems...
In Pakistan, vehicle emissions account for 90% of air pollution. EC and others are working on a way to reduce the fumes from a major troublemaker, the auto-rickshaw.

Fuel Pollution Calculations Fuel Pollution Calculations
Calculate the pollution created by your popular car, truck, lawnmower or snowblower.

lower atmosphere

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